Tips For Repointing Brick On Old Buildings In Sydney

Brick repointing is an ancient industry that originally began in England hundreds of years ago. Brick repointing typically involves the removal of old mortar and replacing it with new mortar, or adding new bricks to a wall. 

The article goes over the basics of how to remove and replace bricks, along with some important tips for making sure your renovation project goes smoothly!

The Importance of brick repointing in Sydney

Brick is a popular material for constructing buildings, and it can be difficult to repoint if the brick is old. 

Here are some tips for repointing brick on old buildings: 

1. Check the condition of the brick. If it is brittle or cracked, it will be more difficult to repoint.

2. Plan the repointing project carefully. Repointing a large area can be time-consuming and requires precise measurements.

3. Use a mortar that is specifically designed for bricks. Otherwise, the mortar may not adhere to the brick and may eventually cause damage.

4. Use a trowel to remove the old mortar from around the brick joints and then fill in the gaps with the new mortar. Do not use a brush or vacuum cleaner; these tools may damage the brick surface.

5. Let the new mortar dry completely before painting or staining the brick.