Things to Pack for a Hostel Stay


If you are staying in a hostel, there are a few things you should pack to make sure you have a comfortable stay. Hostels are affordable places to stay, so you won’t get the amenities that you’d get. However, by carrying these essentials, you won’t have to worry about much.  

Portable Charger – Sometimes, owing to a large number of people staying in the hostel, there’s a mad rush for phone charging points. You may not always get one. So, have a portable phone charger, so you can charge your phone anytime. 

Extra Towels – Though hostels provide towels, it is still better to have your own. The towels they provide are regularly cleaned and washed, but some people have trouble using towels used by others. If you too have a problem, make sure you are carrying a few extra clean ones. 

Grooming Products – Always carry grooming products with you – scissors, razors, electric shavers and more. These products may not be needed on your trip, but it is better to have them just in case you need some quick grooming.

Snacks – Always keep a few snacks with you just in case you are feeling hungry at odd hours. Sometimes, you can get hungry at the most inconvenient hour and there is no room service like that in a hotel, so have a few snacks that will fill you up. 

Carry all these things and you will not have a problem with your stay. Or better yet, book a hostel like a hostel in Lombok. Along with affordable stays, they have many amenities.