Importance of plants Every individual needs to know

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Often tend to forget the importance of plants and take them for granted. Many of us think that there is nothing much to plants as they are around us almost all the time, but they are a crucial part of our lives, especially when it comes to survival. We rely on plants for several things, including food, medicine, water, habitat, climate, and the air we breathe.

Importance of plants as per experts who offer indoor plant hire:

  • Habitat- Plants are quite essential for providing habitats to a plethora of species.
  • Soil quality- Plants are also essential to maintain soil quality. The roots of the plants are loaded with microorganisms that tend to live around the roots hold the soil together, which most likely reduces the chances of soil erosion. Leaves tend to decompose when they fall from the trees, which fertilize the ground and also enable other plants to thrive and grow.
  • Climate- one of the leading greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change is carbon dioxide. Plants release oxygen by taking in Co2. It is done through the photosynthesis process. The carbon dioxide is mainly used to build new blocks of new tissue, including trunk, branches, roots, and leaves, which then act as carbon stores.
  • General wellbeing- Plants and trees also help in maintaining the general wellbeing. As per recent research, it could be claimed that green spaces help in minimizing stress and boosts mood.

Hence, it is essential to protect native plants.