All About African and Oceanic Art

Oceania varied artistic traditions are generally divided into five main areas: Stylistic Melanesia, Australia, Polynesia, Micronesia and native artistic conventions Island Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Philippines and neighboring regions).

In the heavy jungles of New Guinea and  the deserts of Australia, the islands of rich spices from Indonesia, along with the scattered islands of  Micronesia and Polynesia, the peoples of Oceania have developed a lot of artistic conventions in an amazing variety of ways and means.

You can approach many art galleries like paceafricanart for  reviewing the collections of Oceanic art.  A lot of Oceanic art was, and still is, inseparably related to various indigenous religions in the area, representing the ancestors, spirits, gods and other supernatural things whose skills hold the energy of your community and the planet.

oceanic masks

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Oceanic work is deep and old, with the oldest cave paintings in Australia dates back to 50,000 decades. In Oceania, female and male artists often work in various media. Men work in the most difficult materials like shell, wood and more rarely, rock, making figurative sculpture, as well as the functional and ceremonial instruments.

Girls, on the other hand, stand out in the fiber arts. The new galleries will include for the first time, places especially dedicated to the display of artistic forms of Polynesian women as barkcloth with the rich and various fabric of island Southeast Asia.