3 Types Of Bicycles You Should Know About

Cycling is fun and the best part about bicycles is that it is an extraordinary way to exercise and keep ourselves healthy and fit. If you are planning to buy a bicycle then you must know about different kinds of bicycles.

Here are some bikes from which you can choose for yourself according to your needs:

  • BMX

Those short one bikes that are used by youngsters and childrens for stunts are called BMX bikes. You can buy heavy duty bicycles from online stores. They are designed to be used mainly for stunt riding and BMX racing- highly durable, strong frame design and an advanced suspension to absorb heavy shocks that are quite common. This bicycle is most popular among children. 

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  • City

The most common bikes around the world are 'roadsters', these bicycles are best suited for frequent commutes around the city; Short rides – home to school and return, or home to work and back, etc. They last long and are comfortable to ride on urban roads. 

Comfortable seating with high handlebar for maximum comfort, these bikes can be used every day. And in the process, you can contribute to preserving nature. 

  • Street

Lightweight bikes built to speed on smooth roads are categorized into road bicycles. You can easily distinguish these bikes from others by thin tires, handling drop and a sportive look. There is only one catch with this bike: they are built for speed, hence are slightly less durable when compared to city bikes. But it can give you the opportunity to practice cardio and celebrate the incredible feeling of speeding.