Buying a Swimming Pool Heater – What Are the Options?

Deciding which type of pool heaters to buy is not easy because there are many alternatives from which to choose. To complicate matters further, different heating of different according to the size of the pool and the various levels of use and even seasons of use.

All commercially available heated pool for (indoor or outdoor use) domestic fall into one of the following categories: You can also purchase Heat Pumps via Majestic Pools.

  • Gas and propane burning heater
  • Condensation heaters and heat pumps
  • Oil fired stove
  • heat exchangers
  • electric heating
  • solar power system

Cost savings

Swimming pool heaters powered by solar energy, heat exchanger or heat pump can be very cost-effective when used in conjunction with small and medium-size swimming pool. However, this type of heater cannot handle a large volume (or flow) of water and they are limited by the increased level of heat that they can provide.

Heating power

When it comes to the raw energy and power heating, boiler, stove or boiler condensation will offer the most versatile method of raising the temperature of the water of this pond.

These heaters can handle high flow rates and they can also water temperature rise from very cold to very warm in a relatively short period of time this means that they are ideal for situations where the pool may need to be used within the relatively short.