What is real estate crowdfunding?

This is a process where someone can invest the amount of money they in either a debt or equity real estate project. This allows them to have shares in the project according to their contributions and they are paid in quarterly or monthly dividends.

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The advantages for crowdfunding for the real estate market are numerous, here are a few:

Investors can access the real estate market even with the small amount of money they have.

They can also voice their own views thanks to their contribution.

They have many choices to do. In addition, investors get a lot of projects to choose from, so it doesn't matter if they decide to skip it.

Disadvantages of crowdfunding:

There are ordinary risks associated with real estate investment.

There is a higher probability of default investment from developers in this mode than in funding direct or peer-to-peer real estate investments.

There are greater difficulties in selling opportunities to investors because of a lack of liquidity and the absence of a secondary market.

Crowfunding funding for real estate investments can be done in various forms – together owning property for businesses, investing in schools, investing in housing projects for the poor, and even developing housing projects.