Choose A DUI Lawyer With Care

Choosing the right DUI lawyer can often mean a big difference in the outcome of the case. While it's true that other law offices can also handle these kinds of cases, it isn't always a good idea. Offices that specialize tend to know more about how different courts provide options for sentencing. In some cases, this can make a big difference in the quality of the client's life.

The right attorney will be a mixture of expertise coupled with a fairly aggressive stance in protecting the client's rights. The reason for this is that California law provides a way to obtain a DMV hearing that can sometimes eliminate the charge completely. Are you looking for an experienced DUI lawyer? You can hire the best and top-ranked DUI lawyer in Santa Barbara.

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The catch is that this has to be requested within the ten-day period directly after the stop. This method does not get rid of every charge but it can help in many cases. People may also want to look for an office that has a good record of communication and contact.

Clients should be able to get answers to questions and to get their phone calls returned on a timely basis. Sometimes people are stopped for driving under the influence only, while other times there can be additional factors that make the issue more complicated.

Speeding, having a child in the car or child endangerment, reckless driving or hit and run can all be additional problems. Most attorneys that specialize in DUI cases are familiar with these kinds of issues and know what to do to handle them.