Childrens Book Clubs – Get Your Child Involved!

Book clubs are a great way for adults to get together, have some fellowship, drink a glass of wine, and have intellectual conversations. Sure, book clubs may seem more capable towards women than men, but I know a lot of fabulous men who love their "book clubs" as much as I do! It's true that his latest Bobby Flay may be on the cookbook, but hey, it's still reading!

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Childrens Book Clubs - Get Your Child Involved!

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So why are we not engaging our children in these kinds of activities? Reading is the biggest push in education today. If our children study or cannot read, then the future of this country will be in danger. Teachers are working overtime, trying to teach children to read round the clock.

Think of a strategy to engage a child in reading? School systems are doing. Special support for Duval County in Jacksonville, FL to take a proactive approach and require that all students be enrolled in some kind of reading class based on their reading needs.

That said, we can do a lot about this at home! As a parent and teacher, I know that it must start with me. If you are busy and do not have a chance to stay at home with your child, read them before bed every night.

Let them touch the books, grab the books, eat the books they want! A book is good in any conversation with a child and should be made a positive thing. Find a pair of friends with children in your age group and meet them once a month likes adults, and make them sit in a circle with a stack of books.

Don't expect them to see which characters they like or hate, instead, they should "play" with the books. As they grow up, they are taught to each other. If we enjoy reading and do what they do with their friends, we still have a chance to teach our future leaders how to be good readers!