Selecting A Metal Roofing Contractor Near You

One great way to improve your home's stafford roofing system visual appearance and energy efficiency is by installing a metal roof designed to provide a long lasting and reliable protection. Modern metal roofing systems offer a great variety of styles and colors for homeowners to pick from. Standing seam metal roofs, and metal shingle roofing systems are some of the most popular types of residential metal roofing systems on the market today.

Metal shingles are generally available in galvanized steel coated with a layer of zinc and aluminum to prevent corrosion and rusting, and painted over with Kynar 500 paint finish designed for longevity and energy efficiency. Metal roofs that come in shingle profiles may also have a design element to them. For instance, you may be able to get a metal roof that looks like slate, or one that resembles the look of cedar shakes.

For homeowners who live close to the coastal areas (closer than 1 mile from the shore), I recommend opting for an aluminum metal roofing system that will not corrode even if you live in a salty and moist climate.

For people who want to get a long lasting metal roofing system, but prefer modern look, I recommend taking a closer look at a standing seam and sheet metal roofing options for homes. Standing seam metal roofs offer the same level of durability and long lasting protection as metal shingle roofs, but cost a bit more, because each panel must be custom measured and pre-cut, which increases the overall cost of labor and installation time.

One advantage of standing seam metal roofs over shingles is that PV solar panels can be easily integrated with a standing seam metal roof. Note, that with a standing seam roof, there is no need to make any penetrations to your roof, because you can secure PV solar panels to the seams of the roof via S-5 brackets that were specifically designed for standing seam roofs. By not having to pierce through the roof to attach the panels, you will ensure longevity of your roof. This may be a major selling point for many homeowners interested in reducing their electricity costs by tapping into solar power.

Whether you like the traditional look of shingles, or prefer to go with a modern look of vertical sheet metal roofing panels aka "standing seam", you will benefit from reduced cooling costs, increased protection from hurricane winds, and potential reductions in your homeowner's insurance. Finally with a new metal roof installed by trained roofers in stafford va, you will never have to re-roof again, which means that over that you will be saving quite a bit of money over a lifetime of your metal roofing system. Your home will also stand out from the rest with the beautiful and colorful lines of a new metal roof.