Get The Sunglasses That Suit You Best

Although many men are attracted to designer accessories, women are more interested in clothing and fashion accessories. While the following guidelines apply primarily to women, most of the tips apply to men as well. For sunglasses, certain styles work best with each of the five basic face shapes. The goal is balance – wear sunglasses that don't match your face: You can find optical shades for men in various online stores.

Woman with a square face/man with a strong jaw

Imitated by Lady Jacqueline Kennedy wore oversized sunglasses promoting a style still often referred to as Jackie O. Men usually want a look with a stronger jaw, nothing less. Increase the effect by wearing sunglasses with sharp angles.

A woman with a heart / a man with a triangle face

To balance a wide forehead and narrow chin, choose sunglasses with cat-eye frames or glasses with rounded edges. Trendy sunglasses with a wider bottom edge and no straight line at the top are perfect.

Long or oval face

Round or rectangular lenses in large frames are highly recommended. Thick-framed sunglasses add extra width. Big or deep glasses and trendy sunglasses with decorative frames or vintage styles are also suitable.

Round face

For the person with the most striking curves, the sunglasses should have the least. Narrow frames, frames with tall temples and lots of colourful frames, like the classic turtle style, also provide additional definition.

Oval face

Soft round curves are suitable for almost any style, from the dollar store to designer. Sunglasses that go from the eyebrows to the cheekbones look the best.