Know About Indian Culture

India is known for its culture. Everyone in this country respects their culture. Indian society is guided by cultural standards. It is loved not only by Indians, but also by others throughout the world. Supremacy, divinity, and its influence is widespread in all parts of the world.

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India is characterized by various castes. People from different castes have different standards of living. Even people from different castes lead lives with different standards and values. Each caste has its own rites and traditions of marriage and other religious ceremonies.


Hindi is the national language of India. People from every country have their own language. People from any country can speak the language of their choice. There are 18 languages in this country and each has its own dignity and prestige.


India is characterized by four religions, viz. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian. Every religion has its own rituals and traditions. Clothing styles from different religions. Hindu women wear saris.

Unity and integration

Apart from different countries, religions and languages, people in this country are united and connected with a feeling of unity. They help each other in happy and sad times.


This nation was formed by ancient Sanskrit literature which contains epic lyrical drama, expression or poetry. The writings and books of these people are up to date. National literary fame is the same all over the world.