Types Of Ergonomic Office Chairs

In an office environment, those who work at desks are required to sit for long hours and cope with plenty of mental stress.

Ergonomic office chairs in Singapore are available in the market in large numbers but are a little more expensive than other common chairs. But they are a great investment as it reduces muscle pain, fatigue and improves the posture and working efficiency of the employee.

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Sitting on a chair for long hours can be harmful to health. Many desk-bound businessmen and employees have complained and suffered the ill effects of long hours sitting. Some of them are:

1. Bad Posture

2. Obesity

3. Muscle Fatigue

4. Poor blood circulation

5. Pelvic and back pain

There are lots of manufacturers in the market that make such chairs for offices, laboratories, etc. The two most common chairs used in the workplace are:

1. Executive Chairs

These chairs have perfect lumbar support with quality cushioning. Its floor casters allow easy gliding over the floor. Its curved backrest supports your spine. Its thoracic support ensures correct posture whereas; its ease adjustable system helps you to adjust the height.

2. Perch Desk Chairs

These chairs are well designed and are quite comfortable for long hours of desk work. Its height-adjustable seat allows the employee to adjust the height of the chair according to his own comfort. Its cushioned seat provides proper pelvic rest. 

Some of such chairs even have pivot arms that lower to give the armrest while holding a mouse or typing on the keyboard. These chairs are perfect for desk works.