Should You Replace Your Telephone Systems?

A telephone system is a major expense for any company but efficient handling of incoming and outgoing calls is needed. A great number of telephone systems are available to choose from.

They all have a very similar set of features. These features are enhanced and improved from time to time but usually the original features remain. I will refer things such as WATS lines or at least cost routing. To know more about telephone system you can visit

These features are required if telephone service is based on the distance and time of the call. Features such as hold, Park, conference, transfer, and intercom are important to any phone system. Most of us are familiar with this feature and used to use them on any system.

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One of the relics in old phone system is a large number of copper lines coming into the system that has never been studied. Many times there are lines and numbers that no one knew existed, but still appear on the phone bill.

This brings a big difference in the new phone system. The majority of phone lines coming into the Internet-based system and does not require a pair of copper wires. It is possible to increase or decrease the amount of the appearance of lines available just by logging on to a website.

It is only necessary to have one phone number for customers to call. Traditional systems have a wire running from each return to the phone to a central unit and wardrobe.

Moving extension usually involves either reprogram the phone system or swapping cables. Adding additional phone usually involves adding a new card to the system and additional cabling, as well as any new entry point.