The 4 Most Popular Online Marketing Courses

Are you looking for online marketing courses that will improve your digital marketing skills? Perhaps you are already an expert and want to expand your digital marketing business. No problem! This article has all the basic information you need for marketing courses to help you increase your knowledge and skillset in digital marketing.

Many online marketing courses include hands-on application of their teachings. Most of these online marketing courses focus on one or two digital marketing strategies. When completed, the list, realized by you, may have similar skill gaps, hence wanted to pen it in a simple blog post.

Here's a list of some digital marketing topics you could enroll in. It's by no means exhaustive but it's a nice thing to have around. You could also choose to take several free courses to further your education on other digital marketing topics. It's a nice thing to do as you get the chance to check out some topics you didn't even know existed. It helps broaden your knowledge as well.

Of the various courses in this list, the most popular is probably social media. There are actually a lot of people who are interested in getting into social media marketing because of the wide reach it can give them. The good thing about this is that the training you receive actually has a measurable impact on how much success you have. Therefore, if you're serious about having a successful social media career, it would be wise to enroll in one of the following courses are Social Media Perks, Social Media Mastery, or Social Media Optimization. Upon completion, students will receive certificates and be able to market their social media skills (see Part II).

Another popular course for those seeking to further their marketing career in Analytics. There is actually quite a bit of material in this course. Some of the topics include website optimization, copywriting for search engines, and analytics solutions. The good thing about enrolling in Analytics is that not only does it provide you with the opportunity to learn about search engine optimization, but also about different types of analytics such as Google AdWords campaigns, pay-per-click, and affiliate marketing. However, upon completion, students will only receive certificates.

The next course to look into is Search Engine Optimization. This is actually the most important course to take since it will determine what you do with your online career. If you're looking to become a professional blogger, then you need to have at least a basic understanding of search engine optimization. Some of the topics to expect when taking this course include link building, social media marketing, article marketing, directory submission, website analytics, and keyword research. Upon completion, students will receive Google Gold certification and be able to promote themselves within the various social media channels.

For those who are looking to enroll in Marketing for Professionals, which is the most basic of all the courses available to new marketers, then Interpersonal skills for Professionals is the one for you. Although this is the cheapest of all the marketing topics taught at the academy, it is also the longest duration of time needed for someone to complete the program. Some of the topics to expect when enrolling in this academy include how to properly brand oneself, how to persuade others to join companies through personal profiles, and developing close contact lists.

The final of the online marketing courses that we are going to discuss here is the Digital Marketing Institute. This is also a great way to get introduced to digital marketing because this Academy is hosted by some of the leading digital marketing gurus in the industry. The basics of digital marketing courses can be learned from these gurus. After you have learned the basics, you can go on to participate in industry-related discussions on various industry-related forums. From there, you will know first-hand information about how digital marketing works, and how you can start making money online.